Friday, August 24, 2012

Etude House Dear My Party Nails Review and Haul : Continuation

In my previous post, i did the swatches and review on PBK801 and PWH902 of Etude House's Dear My Party Nails Collection. Well, this is a continuation of colors that aren't swatched yet. Probably will have a Part 3 i guess, since i change my nail color every 1-2 weeks. 

The Tony Moly's Pinky Star!!
(pardon the clutters at the back, recently got a new room ^^)

The Tony Moly Pinky Star is a polish for a dreamy kind of look, it has circular glitter bits of red and reflective yellow/gold(?) with minute particles of shimmers in the girly shade of pink base. I thought it was a good polish to use when you have blunt nails or your're lazy to come up with something creative, because its blend of red and gold make it effortlessly-chic and the pink base allows blunt nails to have that 'nude' nail look but with little 'unique something'.

Up close shot of the polish in bottle

I got this because i wanted PPK001 from Etude House's Dear My Party Nails Collection, (but the seller do not carry that shade) and i thought that Pinky Star is a good dupe for PPK001.  (i got the blue one though...PBL601). However on closer inspection, realised that Pinky Star's glitter bits are red, and gold whereas PPK001's have blue in it, giving it a really different outlook. So not really a close dupe i guess.....
I did say that i was going to review PBL601 along with Tony Moly's Pinky Star, but on second thought i will leave PBL601 for the next time because there's no way i'm going to wear both polish on my body simultaneously. They look so.....clashing.....-.-   

Finally...the swatch~!

The only thing i didn't like about Tony Moly's Pinky Star is that it is so difficult to get a uniform spread...or even spread the gorgeous glitter bits onto my nails. It stays inside the polish bottle, at the bottle opening, onto the brush applicator but NOT ON MY NAILS!! Jeez.....that was quite a test of patience. 

Now, moving  on to the Lioele Nail color!!

Swatch of Modern Mint
(Confession : i did not have the time to do a swatch of Mint Green =( but i believe the swatch would look true to pic)

The Lioele Nail Color in Mint Green and Modern Mint were something i got on a wimp because.....i didn't have these shade yet. Yea, kinda bought them without much consideration on what i'm going to do with it. Well, i thought it over and feel that this shade is really suitable for leopard inspired nail art!! Or other animal prints!!

Pictures taken from, and

Awesome right? But i'm can't...not until i get my nail art brush and dotting set to paint the black stripes and dots. Well animal prints are really the rave now...other than the magnetic polish and the crackle polish, but they do give you a run for your creativity ^^ (see below)

Pic taken from

Hope i can start trying out nail art soon, all those DIY nail tutorials are so intriguing! *eyes Qoo10 for nail art brush/dotting set sale.....Haha.... Okay, i will be doing the swatch and review of PBL601 soon!

Hope this post helps and thanks for reading!!
Stay tuned for Etude House Dear My Party Nails Review and Haul Part 3 ^^

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Etude House Dear My Party Nails Review and Haul

Lately Qoo10 had been having all these nail polish promotions, i succumb and went on a nail haul on Qoo10, and got these nail polishes from Etude House, Tony Moly and Lioele. I didn't even know that Lioele carries nail polishes until i went on my rampage!! Bought whatever that you see below for only SGD24.3 including shipping!!

New nail polishes!!! (except the O.P.I...have no idea how it got into the picture)

Lioele nail polishes!!

Highlight of today's review!!! 

Today i will be doing the reviews on two of the Etude House polishes first. Etude House recently launch a new collection of 16 colors called Dear My Party Nails and i'm sold the moment i saw their color chart! Its so uniquely bling, and they really came up with quite a few interesting shades i must admit. The first two rows in table really caught my eye, but i only got three of them due to limited availability.

I bought the Dear My Party Nails in PBK801, really tempted to get the PBK802 but i didnt have any red in my nail polishes so PBK801 it is ^^

Such gorgeous shade of red glitter and shimmer in black jelly

Looks really unappealing without any dark base coat underneath

The PBK801 is actually just like your typical normal glitter nail polish, with the exception of a black tinted base. Quite ingenious actually, but do take note that PBK801 cannot be used alone. So be sure to have a dark base ready before applying this. PBK801 will look exactly like what you see on the bottle after proper application. This is really gothic-ish.... really suitable for a Halloween party night out as a vampire or werewolf.  Maybe i'll use it this year during Halloween to spice things up a little. 

Here's how it look like on my feet after applying it on 2 layers of O.P.I Lincoln Park After Dark (deep purple)....
Forgive my chubby toes 

Next is the Dear My Party Nails  in PWH902, a rainbow-sheen shimmers in clear base. I was actually pretty skeptical how it would turn out on, but i am delighted at how it turns out! It looks like a normal clear coat with shimmer, and this insignificant bottle creates a fine mosaic effect! Kinda looks lizardy though...would strongly recommend this to try out!!

Looks harmless doesn't it?

Brilliant isn't it? Probably should experiment with other base colors as well...

Another picture of PWH902~

Those korean beauty brands are really innovative!! Can't wait to see what else will be brewing in their pots in future. Will do the review for PBL601 together with the Tony Moly polish because both Etude House and Tony Moly carries similar polishes. So stay with me!!

Hope this post helps and thanks for reading!!