Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ElishaCoy Always Triple BB Cream Swatch & Review

Had the ElishaCoy Always Triple BB Cream for a year, but only started using it recently for around 3 months and going to do a review on it today. Lets start with the brand introduction, ElishaCoy is actually a korean brand, i know it sounds more like a States brand. So what's with their brand name? 
Elisha : my god is salvation (Hebrew)
C.O.Y (acronym) = Creation of Youth

ElishaCoy is famous for being organic and only using high quality herbs or plant extract in their ingredient list, claiming to maximizing the skin's self-survival ability (i have no idea what that means) via phyto therapy (plant's pharmacological action). The brand emphasizes a lot on achieving a overall sense of balance between  physical, mental and psychological states, not only through phyto therapy but aroma therapy as well, using essential oil obtained from herbs or fruits. They also claim to use both western herb extracts and various oriental traditional resources to not only provide relief to the skin but also to treat the skin for wrinkles, dull tone and enlarged pores.

Cleo Winner!! yea i know...year 2010...

Ok, back to the Always Triple BB Cream, it contains natural ingredients such as royal jelly and caviar to protect and improve the skin. Other than the a fore mentioned ingredients, it also contains skin-soothing plant extracts (Portulaca oleracea L. and Morus alba Linne) for sensitive skin! With a SPF30, PA++, it protects against UVA and UVB rays with broad-spectrum filters.

What i like most about this BB cream is its coverage, i could go without concealer with this BB cream, or maybe a little under my eye for that zero-dark-eye-circles look. The texture is quite fluid, making blending a breeze. Despite all the aroma therapy talk in their brand introduction, this BB cream's scent is actually not strong at all, almost not existent until i wrote this review and had to read up more on the brand., it smells like floral incense with a little sunblock-ish tint? The oil control is probably the only downside of this BB cream, i have to blot every 4-5 hours but the staying power is really strong, i can go without touch-ups for 6 hours straight. So all i need is just my oil blotter whenever i'm going out with my Always Triple BB Cream on me, kinda save space and weight on my bag ^^. The swatch looks pretty dark, but the shade will tone down after further blending, but like the BRTC Whitening & Wrinkle Repair BB Cream, this BB cream does gives off a pinkish tinge as well, nothing that a little loose powder cannot do about ^^. Probably use this BB cream when i have something on like a anniversary date or night out, because i probably don't bring my touch-up tools on a casual outing.

I would recommend the ElishaCoy Always Triple BB Cream if you're looking for coverage and staying power. Price-wise, this brand does not come cheap, a full 50ml can cost around SGD55+ on Qoo10 now. If your're on a budget, would suggest getting a 15ml tube for around SGD10.50 on Qoo10 here

Would be doing reviews on my other ElishaCoy BB creams (Always Nuddy & Premium Gold Mineral) soon, after i have used them much ^^. So stay tuned i guess...

Hope this post helps and thanks for reading!!     

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shiseido Naturgo Mask & White Mask Review

In my Daiso/Qoo10 buys post, I mentioned that I got some Shiseido Peel Mask and will be sharing on them today. This is a repurchase of the Naturgo Mask and this time I have also decided to try out their White Mask.

After applying a thin layer

How it looks like after 30 minutes

The White Mask contains LAG revitalizer which combats skin aging and dulling, and is absorbed rapidly into the skin, allowing it to retain moisture and nutrients (not quite sure about this statement though). It is also suitable for sensitive skin as well. The White Mask's description seemed really impressive, it claims to whiten, revitalize and firms the skin. It targets spots, reduces wrinkles and pore size as well!! Sounds great doesn't it? The texture of the White Mask is slightly more runny than the Naturgo Mask, thus making it more difficult for even application.

How it looks like after 30 minutes, forgot a just-after-application picture...sorry! 

The Naturgo Mask is made from deep sea mud that are rich in minerals, perfect materials for sebum regulation. Used to think that the Naturgo Mask and the same as the Black Mask, but later realised that they are separate mask type! The Black Mask is meant for impurities removal and skin whitening effects, formulated with five Chinese and Japanese herb extracts (including wormwood and gold thread), whereas the Naturgo Mask is known for being 2-in-1, being able to confer properties of both the Black and White Mask!! On top of that it also regulates sebum production and prevents breakouts. So I guess Naturgo would be the better choice because i cannot see any reason why people who buy the Black Mask when Naturgo is here? I cannot even see the reason why people would get the Black Mask when even the White Mask is here....seriously...the Black Mask seem really insignificant against the other two peel mask?

For more information on the mask properties, you can try here

Well I've tried both mask and my favourite would still be the Naturgo Mask, not because of the sebum control or that the White Mask suck at whitening, but because....the Naturgo Mask removed impurities much much much better!!! Here's the evidence....

Warning: gross pictures up ahead....( Just scroll down fast until you see 'STOP' if you can't take it )

Ok, no more gross pictures. Sorry about that, but you guys get the point ^^. I forgot to take pictures of the results of the White Mask, but the results is definitely less significant that the Naturgo Mask.

not exactly the best applicator

the huge smearing around the opening

The packaging is kind of a love-hate thing? It's packaged into sample-like style so it's really convenient if you travel or have a stay over. But it's really annoying during the application because the mask is sticky and you have to squeeze it out of a sachet. Imagine the mess I made when I first use it?! Not to mention that the Naturgo Mask is black.....so probably need some practice to get it right. Also, there are certain tricks to getting most of your blackheads/whiteheads out onto the peel mask ^^...Remember to apply the peel mask in thick layers, it has to be thick or else nothing gets removed.... Always exfoliate your face before applying the mask, i always think of it as prior dead skin removal to give a better grip on the blackheads...haha....not sure whether is it scientifically true but oh well....and there's always the steam-your-face option as well, but i never see the need for it...seems pretty redundant because your pores mostly likely closes up by the time you finish applying the peel mask all over your face...And i seem to get better results when remove my peel mask upwards from the chin, compared to downwards from the forehead.

I feel that it makes more sense to get the Shisedo peel masks which can be used on your entire face than to get peel masks meant only for the nose. Don't the rest of your face have dead skin and impurities? You have to do something about the rest of your face as well! Another thing to mention is the pain factor involved when removing the Naturgo Mask, it's....7......ok 7.5.... on the scale of 10...so be prepared....for those that can't take the pain, go for the White Mask it's 4 or 5 on the scale of 10....

Price-wise, these peel masks are pretty affordable at SGD 0.6 each on Qoo10, and even lower during sales or promotions. I would definitely repurchase the both masks, probably would be my staple mask in a long run. Probably use the White Mask after a day at the beach or before my period (when my skin gets easily irritated and prone to stimuli ) and the Naturgo Mask on the other days.  

Hope this post helps and sorry for grossing certain people out.
Thanks for reading!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

History of Whoo Seol Whitening Essence/ White & Moisture Cream Review

I did a post back then with the Daiso/Qoo10 buys post, and i did mention that i got my hands on some History of Whoo's samples, namely the Seol Whitening Line's essence and cream. Will be reviewing them today, but first, brand introduction....

The History of Whoo is  a high-end korean brand under LG (yes...the same LG that manufactures household appliances and mobile phones), a rival brand to Sulwhasoo which is under Amore Pacific. Both History of Whoo and Sulwhasoo are oriental herbal skincare/cosmetic brand, but their outlook are slight differs from each other. The History of Whoo advertises their products for "Queens", thus their product packaging are often in really luxurious side of taste, with gold burnish and carvings and what not. Whereas Sulwhasoo sells "natural beauty" where they emphasizes a lot on yin/yang energy balance in the skin, and their product designs is more based towards a porcelain look, simple and elegant. The History of Whoo's spokesperson is Lee Young Ae, more famously known as Dae Jang Geum in the historical korean drama Jewel in the Palace. Here are some of their advertisements with her in it....
pictures taken from the internet

The Whitening Essence is like a emollient, it softens the skin and keeps it hydrated, it gets absorbs really fast into your skin. You can also see fine particles in this serum, and it does makes your skin glows and all dewy. I have not seen much whitening yet, only used it for approximately a week. It does have a strong scent, like a herbal floral scent, quite appealing actually. 

'Description: The History of Whoo's Whitening Essence helps to prevent dark spots and provide a new whiteness to your skin. Give your face its natural glow and freshness back using this Asian cosmetic product; by penetrating deep into your pores, this unique serum acts to maintain natural moisture and the herbal components will keep your skin looking young. Have your skin looking fairer, rosy, and refreshed.' - Taken from http://sulwhasoo-sulwhasoo.blogspot.sg/2010/12/history-of-whoo-seol-whitening-line.html

The White & Moisture Cream glides on your skin effortlessly, leaving a smooth matte finish. This cream actually made my skin instantly dewy and clear!! It does have the same floral scent as the Whitening Essence.

'Description: An envied smooth, clear and white complexion can now be yours. Allow whitening extracts from chrysanthemums and chilhyang palbaeksan to work wonders with your skin as they blend into Whitening Cream meant just for your face. The cream works not just superficially but goes deep to treat the skin as it enriches and moistens, giving it the clarity and whiteness comparable to a pearl. Its brightening effect becomes visible almost as soon as it touches the skin, and lasts longer than any other product, well into the next day.- Taken from http://sulwhasoo-sulwhasoo.blogspot.sg/2010/12/history-of-whoo-seol-whitening-line.html

I have read a few great reviews on the History of Whoo's whitening line, some of which stated that they have more success with the History of Whoo's Seol Whitening line than Sulwhasoo's Snowise Line. With this, i went on and purchase samples of the Whitening Essence and the White & Moisture Cream, hoping it'll work out for me as well.

Well, "hoping" is the right word for me (with the oily skin)...both the Whitening Essence and the White & Moisture Cream did not work out for me at all, i am utterly devastated...i really am.... Remember that i said that the Sulwhasoo's Balancing Emulsion oils me out, the Whitening Essence and the White & Moisture Cream was nightmare on another level. Both of them cause me to have a massive oil shine within a hour in a air-conditioned room!! Gosh.....i was having a good vibe from the product and it just have to oils me out so bad...I'm going to let go of the Whitening Essence and White & Moisture Cream at discounted price (More info at the bottom)

I do see that my skin is visibly clearer and illuminated the next morning, but i don't think i see myself blotting my face every hour just to keep using these products. I strongly recommend this to dry skin individuals who want fair and dewy skin, and i heard that the Seol Whitening Line is really great for freckles and pigmentation.

I bought these samples, Whitening Essence 50 samples (1ml) for SGD45 and White & Moisture Cream 50 samples (1ml) for SGD40. I'm left with 49 samples of both essence and cream and I'm letting go of these samples at :

Whitening Essence [ Full bottle (45ml) Qoo10 price : SGD 162 ]
7 samples @ SGD5
49 samples @ SGD30

White & Moisture Cream [ Full bottle (50ml) Qoo10 price : SGD174 ]
7 samples @ SGD4
49 samples @ SGD 25

For those that are interested in getting these samples from me, please email me at harumuu@live.com and we'll work the finer details (payment and delivery) out. 

Hope this post helps and thanks for reading!! 


All the samples had been sold on 30 July 2012 to a lovely lady. So please do not email me anymore on the sample purchase.

Neaclear Product Stash

Noticed that i had a few Neaclear products on my shared dressing table (with mom and sis), so i'll be sharing my thoughts on them today ^^

The Three Stooges~ 

Let's start with the brand, Neaclear is a American Brand, which claims to be developed by a plastic surgeon and dermatologist. Most of the products that they carry are anti-acne range and  Their products are cruelty-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free too if i'm not wrong, and they even have biodegradable packaging. The price range for Neaclear products are actually very affordable, ranging from USD6-USD20, if you guys are going to the States anytime soon for holidays, do get some of their products if you see them ^^

The Neaclear Liquid Oxygen Acne Scar Remedy comes with a brush applicator, and is meant for acne scar reduction, but i don't really see much of it. Even though my skin cleared up, i do get one or two small pimples before my period and i will just spread it over my pimple and leave it overnight. This little vial really does work for me, just one night and my pimple will subside. Sometimes, due to itchy finger or by accident, pimple actually burst and if not taken care of properly, it can cause inflammation and scarring. Using the Liquid Oxygen Acne Scar Remedy does help to dry up the wound site and probably help alleviate the scarring, since that is what it's meant to. Things to take note is that this stuff does not smell nice, it really stings when you apply it to burst pimple and it'll dry and leave a patch of white flake over your pimple,so not something you would like to put on but you leave the house. Would recommend that you put it on before you sleep, and let the product do its magic during the night.

The Neaclear Liquid Oxygen Blackhead Astringent is your typical astringent, with the strong alcohol smell and that cooling feeling you get after application. Astringents are pretty drying on your skin and this one is no exception, so remember your moisturizer. The Liquid Oxygen Blackhead Astringent claim to remove every trace of dirt, prevent clogging of pores and decrease pore size!! Before i was concerned about hydration, i used to use the Liquid Oxygen Blackhead Astringent as toner, pouring some of this astringent onto cotton pad and swipe it around my face, after that i can see the grime on the cotton pad!! (quite liberating and gross at the same time actually..lol) But for now, i only use it after i do my peel mask, to shrink those open pores that i get when all the dirt gets manually removed during the mask peeling. 

The Neaclear Liquid Oxygen Sun Block Protection (SPF 30) is a non-greasy formula, did not oil me out after i apply it on my face. It is fragrance-free so it does give off the sun-blockish smell. The SPF is pretty decent if you use it for your normal day-to-day activities under shade, but if you are considering it for outdoor sports then you might want to get something with a higher SPF or you can just re-apply this sun block every two hours for maximum protection. Do not leave the house immediately after applying sun block, always give it twenty minutes after application (not really sure why though...heard about the reason somewhere but forgot about it). The volume of 177ml is another plus point (it's really alot!), that's like almost a facial cleanser size and that can probably last me like forever...lols

That's all for today, hope this post helps and thanks for reading!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Lotion and AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Wash Review

I'm almost done with my current stash of Sulwhasoo Basic Line, been using it for almost 6 months already and i am satisfied with the hydration factor that the Sulwhasoo products brings into my skin. There are certain downsides which made me hunt for other novel products to use. 

The Sulwhasoo First Care Serum and Balancing Water was fine until it came to the Balancing Emulsion, its easy to absorb into my skin but somehow it causes oil shine on my face. When i first started on the Balancing Emulsion, the weather before june was bearable, the oil shine wasn't that prominent until june when it gets horridly humid and warm. During June, i usually spend my nights in air-conditioned room, so the oil shines wasn't much of a biggie. But when it comes to day time, applying the Sulwhasoo Basic Line became a chore because i know that i'm going to start having oil shines within the next two hours. My skin has been looking a little dull these days, probably due to the weather and stress, and i wanted to do something about it. Another thing is that my pores, it's huge~ and the Sulwhasoo Basic Line can't really do much about it nor my dull skin. 

So i decided to try something new..... 

The Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Lotion and the AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Wash were what i got. Hada Labo is a Japanese brand, their products are crazily raved for their moisture locking properties and their minimal and simple beauty routine. Been using it for the past 1 month and was really pleased at the effects that these two products had on my skin. 

The Retinol Lifting + Firming Lotion is part of the lifting + firming care line or their anti-aging line, i'm in my early 20's...what the heck am i using anti-aging products now?!? Why didnt i use their bestseller (The Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion) instead? The answer is....because i'm paranoid....lols...just kidding!! The Retinol Lifting + Firming Lotion has three key thing that fits what i want now,  Retinol (Vitamin A), Collagen and Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA). Retinol has several benefits, it exfoliates, treats acne and fine lines as well as known to increase collagen production, what more can i ask? Collagen promotes firmer and more resilient skin and SHA is responsible for replenishing and locking moisture in your skin. For more information on SHA, their website should provide you with all the incredible things that SHA can do. 

The AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Wash was actually something that i got on impulse, i already have cleansers at home and some of them are still pretty full. But none of them can do what AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Wash does, it contains AHA and BHA which claims to exfoliates, clarify and brighten your skin. This cleanser is quite impressive i think? It left my skin feeling clean and smooth, there was no skin tightening feeling and my pores seemed to be more refined!! Don't know whether is it my imagination or what...but they seem to be smaller ^^ 

note that sunscreen should be used along with this cleanser

'eggquisite' skin...sounds cute and edible ^^

Would i repurchase? i would get the AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Wash, but for the Retinol Lifting + Firming Lotion, i'll put it on hold for now because i've got my eyes set on their whitening care line. 
price-wise, the AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Wash is actually pretty affordable at SGD13.90? The Retinol Lifting + Firming Lotion costs around SGD22.90, a little more than their SHA Hydrating Lotion, but one drop is usually all i need for my face, so a little goes a long way i guess.      

Hope this post helps and thanks for reading!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bifesta Make-up Remover

Meet my new make-up remover!! *excited....This is probably one of god-sent item to girls, really...i mean it. Bifesta is a Japanese brand that specializes in make-up removers...only make-up removers!! They actually have two different categories of make-up removers, non-rinse and rinse-off, apparently i got the non-rinse cleansing lotion (Sebum) which is meant for oily skin. They also have non-rinse cleansing lotion meant for dry skin, mature skin and even one for dull-looking skin. 

The Cleansing Lotion (Sebum) is a water-based make-up remover,containing green extracts for pore tightening. It claims to be as effective as oil cleansers and gentle to skin, allowing make-up to be removed without scrubbing. It is also fragrance-free, colouring-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free and hypoallergenic, so this is really suitable for individuals with oily, sensitive skin.       

The best-selling point is the non-rinse function, just pump onto a cotton pad, swipe and you're ready for bed.  Why?....Because this make-up remover not only just removes your make-up, it also tones your skin as well, allowing you to skip all the washing and reapplication of your skincare regime!! If this is not god-sent, i don't know what it is.....

Other than the non-rinse function, this make-up remover also contains Absorbent Hyaluronic Acid (yea... the same thing that's in all Hada Labo's products...ok maybe slightly different), to keep your skin moisturized even after rinsing the make-up remover off. 

They do not recommend using facial cleansers after the make-up remover, as it'll probably negate the properties of the Absorbent Hyaluronic Acid. For those who really want to double cleanse, they suggested rinsing with only water. If it is just one night, i would appreciate going to bed without rinsing, but no way am i going to bed everyday without my skincare regime. So i usually just rinse with water before applying my usual skincare regime. 

Price-wise, this make-up remover is pretty affordable at SGD 16.90 for 300ml, and it is worth your penny when you think about how convenient your nights can get with this make-up remover. One downside is that, it gets used up pretty quickly, so be prepared that you'll have to get another soon. They are available at Watsons and Guadians.

Hope this post helps, thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Daiso/Qoo10 buys~

pretty pink stuff~

peel masks and skincare samples

Decided to share some really great bargains i bought recently from Daiso and Qoo10. The total cost of both pictures is only SGD53.9!!

Went to the Daiso at Orchard and saw that they had these glittering push pins!! 16 pieces of gorgeous bling for only SGD2 per box!! Daiso also had these glittering push pins in yellow/gold and blue/light blue as well, so do drop by the Daiso branch at Orchard if like these push pins, because the one at Doby Ghuat and Harbour Front does have it yet!! Speaking of Daiso, i think there's one opening soon at TampinesOne, so keep your eyes peeled...^^

closer pic of the push pins

I got the gold rings for only SGD0.9 each during a Qoo10 sale, and it was free shipping!! Was so glad that i go them....more pictures of the rings coming up....

Owl head

close up view of the owl ring on my finger

simple gold 'pretzel' band...lols

really looks like pretzels doesn't it ^^

I got this soft baby pink phone cover also on a sale on Qoo10 for SGD2.90, and the bling ribbon ear dust cap for SGD3 at the Blogshop Festival which is so much cheaper than Qoo10!! Pity that i didnt get the name card of the blogshop stall i got it from.  

lols....caught the reflection of my pink room curtains

Gorgeous bling ribbon ear dust cap from the Blogshop Festival 

I wanted to 'bling' my phone cover with rhinestones initially, but later realised that the cost involved is not a small sum even if i do it myself (the decoden supplies, glue as well as the transparent plastic phone cover). So i added some cute stickers instead to my phone cover to make it uniquely mine, you guys should try it too if your're on a budget. 

Isn't it cute~?

I also bought the Shiseido Naturgo Peel Mask and the White Peel Mask at SGD0.7 each. Pretty reasonable actually, given that i saw a neighborhood beauty shop sold them at SGD1 each. Also bought samples sachets of White & Moisture Essence and Cream from the History of Whoo. Will be doing reviews on these products later. 

Sorry about the long post. That's all for today, hope you guys have a nice day~!!