Sunday, November 18, 2012

Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash

Biore is a Japanese brand, currently under Kao Corporation which also manages Laurier, Liese (the bubble hair dye~), Curel and many other brands, including Jergens!! I love Jergens' Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer =) Might be doing a review soon on that... I'm not going to delve deep into Kao Corporation's beliefs and values, you guys may read up on it if your're interested.


Well back to Biore, they carry some interesting products, mostly gotta do with  facial cleansing like facial wash and make-up remover sheets, etc. Quite interested in their make-up remover sheets, have not used make-up remover sheets before...but i'm currently still on my Bifesta Make-up Remover. It's real good with the non-rinse function but i'm lazy...lazy enough to think that digging for cotton wool to pump the make-up remover onto is troublesome. Haha...I suppose make-up remover sheets are meant for lazy people like me, i'll try to get  my hands on it next time ^^. What i'm reviewing today is the Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash~

Biore Marshmallow Whip Extra Moist Facial WashBiore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash
Marshmallow Whip Extra Moist Facial Wash (dry skin) (Left)
 Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash (normal skin) (Right)

I actually bought this quite awhile ago when the hype about it was pretty high, but i guess it got chucked somewhere that the sun don't shine until i unearthed it recently and decided to do a review on it. Got totally sold by the pink and white packaging and not to mention the word 'marshmallow' !! Any girl would be a sucker for sweets and fluff and what not. Well, i bought the refill pack since i have foam dispenser (from Daiso) at home, would not hurt to use it instead. Save the earth~!


The Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash promises deep but gentle cleansing by their ultra fine fluffy foam bubbles which are smaller than your pore size (not sure how true is that ...) and boast that it contains 40% beauty serum for the extra quench to your skin, keeping it moist and supple. Sounds yummy? The next best part is why i'm turning towards foam wash.....instant foam!!! No need for lathering!! Did i mention i was lazy?

My 200ml pink Daiso Foam Dispenser...only SGD2!!

For those who thinks that refill packs are a pain in the ass, fret not, refilling a Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash have never been as easy.... just tear and here comes the part where stuff usually spills here and there but this refill pack has this~!! 

Spill-prevention tubing!

After using it, i do not think that 'marshmallow' is right description for it and still dubious about the 40% serum thing works. But the foam is really really soft and enveloping!! I don't know how to describe this but it feels really....addictive? Like you just want to keep puffing these white fluffy foam against your face all day. Do i sound crazy? 

After 3-5 pumps....feels like clouds...or what i imagine clouds to be =)

Gravity-defying~ ^^
It isn't like your usual foam wash, where it really easy to wash off. You might have to put a little bit more effort and water to wash the Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash off to get a slight squeaky 'clean' feel (not strong 'squeaky' though). I do feel the skin tightening feeling after i dry my face BUT my skin felt really soft and supple and clean too!! So not really sure about the serum and moisturizing, but you can definitely get this if you are bored of your usual facial cleanser and looking for something novel. 

For those with dry skin, there's the Marshmallow Whip Extra Moist Facial Wash, which comes in the yellow/gold pump instead of the normal pink one. Not really sure whether there's much difference between this and the normal one, but no harm getting it since there's no price difference. You can get the bottled Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash at SGD13.90 and the refill at SGD10.90 at the stores. 

Thanks for reading and hope this post helps!!  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Musee Platinum Tokyo Permanent Hair Removal

Have not been blogging for quite awhile since i got a job in August, pretty unexpected....thought i would have enough discipline to generate more than two post per month...*sheepish.....i blame Qoo10 and my bed for that....haha....Well, i'm back with Musee Platinum Tokyo!! For those who don't know what Musee Platinum Tokyo is, they are Japan's No.1 premier hair removal salon~! And they have currently 5 branches in Singapore!! For more information, check out their website.

Been pretty bugged about my body hair, but unable to do much about them since my skin get really really itchy (with red bumps…ick) after shaving no matter what I do (use better blade or female shaving gel) and ingrown hair when I tweeze. There’s always the wax option but…lol…I never have enough guts to pull the wax strip....*sigh

I decided to turn to permanent hair removal, where the people at Musee Platinum Tokyo will zap your hair follicles to gradually reduce growth which eventually leads to no growth. Do not expect much result immediately after starting on the treatment, approximately 6-8 sessions of treatment is required to get desired results (number of sessions varies due to different individual body constitution such as hormones/shaving frequency/etc), which 2 months interval between each treatment session. Therefore, be mentally prepared and sure that you can commit to at least 1 year of treatment.

Introducing S.S.C. Hair removal

Was actually indecisive between Regina or Musee Platinum Tokyo, since both are the leading hair removal salon in Singapore, and both have great reviews on online forums (CozyCot, FlowerPod, etc). Well, the deciding factor for me was actually the cost, Regina usually have cheaper packages (check out their promo packages) until Musee Platinum Tokyo came up with the double promotion, which deducts $100 off your chosen package and another 25% discount after that!! Furthermore, Musee is also giving out free Ginger Gel Set if you sign a package with them, while the stock and promotion lasts of course ^^.

Well, that double discount of Musee’s won me over, and a package of 30 sessions with free unlimited underarm is around 2.2k SGD (U.P 3.12k SGD!!!...almost 1k SGD in difference), which is payable in 6 installments (370~SGD/ installment). Speaking of installments, Musee is much more flexible than Regina, the larger your package is, the more leeway they allow for your installments (from 3 installments up to 6.installments!) Whereas Regina is pretty strict on payment I think, for a $1.8k package, only 2 installments is allowed, which is at least 900SGD/ installment…quite heavy on the wallet.   

Started my first treatment on my upper, lower leg, upper back and underarm in late August and just finished my second treatment in October. Everything went by in a blur…probably due to the nerves I guess… The people at Musee would ask you to don on their gown, and before treatment commencement, they would shave your requested body part again before apply cold gel generously. ‘goggles’ to protect your eyes from the treatment laser are provided (with layer of cloth underneath to ensure maximum blockage I guess?), but would prefer that they put it on me after they shave me and not before….it was kinda scary to feel shaving blades on you with your eyes ‘blind-folded’…-.-….But everything gets better on my second visit, no more surprises.

Pain-wise, mostly painless I guess….i almost doze off while having my upper back and my leg done, it just felt like a burst of warmth whenever they zap, would rate it 3 or 4 on the scale of 10 for the pain. But the underarm…*horrified….was unexpectedly painful!! T.T….They described it as rubber band snapping, but it felt more like heated needle(if there’s such thing…)…anyway…that…hurts…a fair bit…but nothing that a human being cannot bear? That would be like 6 or 7 on the scale of 10. After which, they will apply cold wet cloth to cool the skin, followed by a layer of medicated gel (I think?). The whole process (upper back, lower leg, upper leg and underarm) took about one and half hour with the help of two beauticians, pretty fast I guess. Most of the time are spent on shaving, gel application and aftercare (cold wet cloth and medicated gel), not really a lot of zapping.

For those who are apprehensive about signing a package with Regina or Musee, you guys can consider their unlimited underarm which is only 388SGD and 138SGD nett respectively, or keep a look out for 98SGD deal for Musee Platinum Tokyo which sometimes pops out of the blue. Do note that girls that are below 18 (I think?) need parental consent before they allow you to partake in their hair removal treatment.

Will probably post pictures of my leg or underarm(?!...not confirmed yet...dun wanna gross anybody out) on a later date to show the before and after effect. But i kinda forgot to take photos of my legs before i start the treatment as well as after first treatment. So i'll start taking pictures from the second treatment on wards. So stay tuned~!

Feel free to ask me any questions ^^
Hope this post helps and thanks for reading!