Monday, July 16, 2012

History of Whoo Seol Whitening Essence/ White & Moisture Cream Review

I did a post back then with the Daiso/Qoo10 buys post, and i did mention that i got my hands on some History of Whoo's samples, namely the Seol Whitening Line's essence and cream. Will be reviewing them today, but first, brand introduction....

The History of Whoo is  a high-end korean brand under LG (yes...the same LG that manufactures household appliances and mobile phones), a rival brand to Sulwhasoo which is under Amore Pacific. Both History of Whoo and Sulwhasoo are oriental herbal skincare/cosmetic brand, but their outlook are slight differs from each other. The History of Whoo advertises their products for "Queens", thus their product packaging are often in really luxurious side of taste, with gold burnish and carvings and what not. Whereas Sulwhasoo sells "natural beauty" where they emphasizes a lot on yin/yang energy balance in the skin, and their product designs is more based towards a porcelain look, simple and elegant. The History of Whoo's spokesperson is Lee Young Ae, more famously known as Dae Jang Geum in the historical korean drama Jewel in the Palace. Here are some of their advertisements with her in it....
pictures taken from the internet

The Whitening Essence is like a emollient, it softens the skin and keeps it hydrated, it gets absorbs really fast into your skin. You can also see fine particles in this serum, and it does makes your skin glows and all dewy. I have not seen much whitening yet, only used it for approximately a week. It does have a strong scent, like a herbal floral scent, quite appealing actually. 

'Description: The History of Whoo's Whitening Essence helps to prevent dark spots and provide a new whiteness to your skin. Give your face its natural glow and freshness back using this Asian cosmetic product; by penetrating deep into your pores, this unique serum acts to maintain natural moisture and the herbal components will keep your skin looking young. Have your skin looking fairer, rosy, and refreshed.' - Taken from

The White & Moisture Cream glides on your skin effortlessly, leaving a smooth matte finish. This cream actually made my skin instantly dewy and clear!! It does have the same floral scent as the Whitening Essence.

'Description: An envied smooth, clear and white complexion can now be yours. Allow whitening extracts from chrysanthemums and chilhyang palbaeksan to work wonders with your skin as they blend into Whitening Cream meant just for your face. The cream works not just superficially but goes deep to treat the skin as it enriches and moistens, giving it the clarity and whiteness comparable to a pearl. Its brightening effect becomes visible almost as soon as it touches the skin, and lasts longer than any other product, well into the next day.- Taken from

I have read a few great reviews on the History of Whoo's whitening line, some of which stated that they have more success with the History of Whoo's Seol Whitening line than Sulwhasoo's Snowise Line. With this, i went on and purchase samples of the Whitening Essence and the White & Moisture Cream, hoping it'll work out for me as well.

Well, "hoping" is the right word for me (with the oily skin)...both the Whitening Essence and the White & Moisture Cream did not work out for me at all, i am utterly devastated...i really am.... Remember that i said that the Sulwhasoo's Balancing Emulsion oils me out, the Whitening Essence and the White & Moisture Cream was nightmare on another level. Both of them cause me to have a massive oil shine within a hour in a air-conditioned room!! Gosh.....i was having a good vibe from the product and it just have to oils me out so bad...I'm going to let go of the Whitening Essence and White & Moisture Cream at discounted price (More info at the bottom)

I do see that my skin is visibly clearer and illuminated the next morning, but i don't think i see myself blotting my face every hour just to keep using these products. I strongly recommend this to dry skin individuals who want fair and dewy skin, and i heard that the Seol Whitening Line is really great for freckles and pigmentation.

I bought these samples, Whitening Essence 50 samples (1ml) for SGD45 and White & Moisture Cream 50 samples (1ml) for SGD40. I'm left with 49 samples of both essence and cream and I'm letting go of these samples at :

Whitening Essence [ Full bottle (45ml) Qoo10 price : SGD 162 ]
7 samples @ SGD5
49 samples @ SGD30

White & Moisture Cream [ Full bottle (50ml) Qoo10 price : SGD174 ]
7 samples @ SGD4
49 samples @ SGD 25

For those that are interested in getting these samples from me, please email me at and we'll work the finer details (payment and delivery) out. 

Hope this post helps and thanks for reading!! 


All the samples had been sold on 30 July 2012 to a lovely lady. So please do not email me anymore on the sample purchase.


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