Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ElishaCoy Always Triple BB Cream Swatch & Review

Had the ElishaCoy Always Triple BB Cream for a year, but only started using it recently for around 3 months and going to do a review on it today. Lets start with the brand introduction, ElishaCoy is actually a korean brand, i know it sounds more like a States brand. So what's with their brand name? 
Elisha : my god is salvation (Hebrew)
C.O.Y (acronym) = Creation of Youth

ElishaCoy is famous for being organic and only using high quality herbs or plant extract in their ingredient list, claiming to maximizing the skin's self-survival ability (i have no idea what that means) via phyto therapy (plant's pharmacological action). The brand emphasizes a lot on achieving a overall sense of balance between  physical, mental and psychological states, not only through phyto therapy but aroma therapy as well, using essential oil obtained from herbs or fruits. They also claim to use both western herb extracts and various oriental traditional resources to not only provide relief to the skin but also to treat the skin for wrinkles, dull tone and enlarged pores.

Cleo Winner!! yea i know...year 2010...

Ok, back to the Always Triple BB Cream, it contains natural ingredients such as royal jelly and caviar to protect and improve the skin. Other than the a fore mentioned ingredients, it also contains skin-soothing plant extracts (Portulaca oleracea L. and Morus alba Linne) for sensitive skin! With a SPF30, PA++, it protects against UVA and UVB rays with broad-spectrum filters.

What i like most about this BB cream is its coverage, i could go without concealer with this BB cream, or maybe a little under my eye for that zero-dark-eye-circles look. The texture is quite fluid, making blending a breeze. Despite all the aroma therapy talk in their brand introduction, this BB cream's scent is actually not strong at all, almost not existent until i wrote this review and had to read up more on the brand., it smells like floral incense with a little sunblock-ish tint? The oil control is probably the only downside of this BB cream, i have to blot every 4-5 hours but the staying power is really strong, i can go without touch-ups for 6 hours straight. So all i need is just my oil blotter whenever i'm going out with my Always Triple BB Cream on me, kinda save space and weight on my bag ^^. The swatch looks pretty dark, but the shade will tone down after further blending, but like the BRTC Whitening & Wrinkle Repair BB Cream, this BB cream does gives off a pinkish tinge as well, nothing that a little loose powder cannot do about ^^. Probably use this BB cream when i have something on like a anniversary date or night out, because i probably don't bring my touch-up tools on a casual outing.

I would recommend the ElishaCoy Always Triple BB Cream if you're looking for coverage and staying power. Price-wise, this brand does not come cheap, a full 50ml can cost around SGD55+ on Qoo10 now. If your're on a budget, would suggest getting a 15ml tube for around SGD10.50 on Qoo10 here

Would be doing reviews on my other ElishaCoy BB creams (Always Nuddy & Premium Gold Mineral) soon, after i have used them much ^^. So stay tuned i guess...

Hope this post helps and thanks for reading!!     


  1. Wow I've been wanting to get this bb cream since I have heard good feedbacks on this. I am always in search of a bb cream that has a decent coverage and stays longer. I'm so going to check this out soon. Thanks for sharing ^_~

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I try to find good BB- cream but haven't find anything yet but this sounds kinda good =)

  3. I tried a sample size version of this before and while I really liked the coverage and finish... It was ghostly pale so I had to apply it in layers. Thanks for sharing :)