Sunday, May 20, 2012

3W Clinic Loose Powder in No.21 & No.23 Review

The 3W Clinic (previously known as DoDo Palgantong until 2009) is a Korean brand, and its cosmetic line has been greatly raved about in Japan and Korea. It's the #1 loose powder in Japan and used by korean artistes to create long-lasting make-up and flawless finish.  

Since i have oily skin, i always set my BB cream with loose powder to reduce shine and for longer lasting make-up instead of using pressed powder since pressed powder feels heavy and often causes creases around my eye. The first loose powder i used from 3W Clinic was their Limited Edititon DoDo Palgantong Make-Up Flower Collection, it came in Original Beige and Lavender Purple (for highlighting). Finished the Original Beige, and repurchased the 3W Clinic Natural Make-up Powder in No. 21 and No. 23(for sis) on Qoo10!! 

So when i first received  3W Clinic Natural Make-up Powder in No. 21 and No. 2, i was really wowed by the size of the product. This product is 30g, which is really huge, compared to the Original Beige(10g)  from the Make-up Flower Collection. It costs SGD 7.90 on Qoo10 and the last i checked, SASA sells the simliar loose powder but with more shades for selection for SGD 22.90 (bloody expensive!...). 

No. 21 (right)                     No.23 (left)

No.23 (right)                  No.21 (left)

No.21 is more suitable for really fair skinned individuals with pink undertones, or you can use it on BB cream that are too dark for your skin tone to brighten it up. No. 23 is quite similar to Original Beige from Make-up Flower Collection and should be suitable for individuals with yellow undertones or the common asian skin tone, it's slightly darker with more beige in it. Would recommend getting No.23 if your're unsure whether No.21 is suitable for you, because No. 21 can give really harsh white cast on individuals that are not fair enough. 

Finely milled powder and it does have a light baby powder smell that goes away after application. 

It comes with a soft and white puff applicator, they don't sell replacement puff applicator on Qoo10 and i don't remember seeing it being sold in SASA. so take care to pat the loose powder in and not drag the puff applicator across your skin to prevent the applicator from getting too caked up.   

Would i repurchase? Economically speaking, yes, the usual size of loose powder sold in the market is usually around 10g(other the Skinfood Buckwheat loose powder,23g) and to pay only SGD 7.90 for 30g is really worth it. I took like 4 months to finish my Original Beige(10g) so i'm guessing that 30g would last me 1 year. But the shopaholic in me would like to try loose powder from other brands, like the Tony Moly Baby Doll BB Powder and Skinfood's wide array of loose powders *squeals... 

Hoped this review helps ^^


  1. Thank you for this review ! I was searching for advices on asian beauty products I'm interesting in, because I'm new to this (I'm european) and I was hesitating between several loose powders ;)
    I am going to get this one now, I have a Bourjois loose powder that seems similar, and it's a good product but I am not fully satisfied with it so I hope this one will be slightly better on my skin lol

    1. Hi, thank you for reading!! I hope the 3W Clinic loose powder will be more suitable than Bourjois's =) Let me know if it works out

  2. Hello, in which qoo10 seller you bought this powder? =)

    1. Hi Shioru, i bought my 3W clinic from this seller at this page