Thursday, May 17, 2012

L'egere Super Light UV Whitening BB Cream Swatch and Review

This is L'egere Super Light UV Whitening Blemish Balm Cream that i have been using for the past 1 year, and i thought that it deserves a review. I mean it manage to stay in my makeup stash for the past year without collecting much dust and you can see from the dent in the middle,  i've manage to use up quite a lot of it (quite a feat you know ^^). *cries...i could not find the box that came with it, guess i threw it away last spring cleaning.

Anyway, according to L'egere, this bb cream is something that any oily skin individual (me) living in the tropics would wish for. It has a decent SPF of 34, i wouldn't say its high cause there are other BB cream out there with SPF40-50. It claims to have whitening properties as well, but i cant really see the effect though (cause i dont really go out in the sun much and there's not much whitening
Well these are the main ingredients and its respective functions (taken from L'egere):

  • Arbutin                     - reduces skin pigmentation and whitens spots
  • Sodium Hyaluronate  - moisturizing, anti-aging and oil regulation
  • Ceramide                 - moisturizing, skin protection
  • Astaxanthin              - anti-aging, promotes glowy skin 
  • Gingko                     - anti- free radical, anti-inflammatory
  • Aloe                         - soothing, non-irritant

What really kept it in my makeup stash for so long was its oil-control properties, as compared to the other bb creams that i'm concurrently using. I didn't see much shine on my face whenever i'm using L'egere Super Light UV Whitening BB Cream, usually just blotting once in the evening would suffice. It contains polymeric powder to reduce oil secretion and to absorb oil. Well, i've yet to try my Dr Jart Sliver Label Rejuvenating BB Cream which is geared towards oily/combination skin, so i can't really say that L'egere Super Light UV Whitening BB Cream with the best oil control properties, but its worth a shot ^^.

Swatch of L'egere Super Light UV Whitening BB Cream

Shade: The shade is really light, with pink undertones, would be suitable for fairer individuals. Pity that this bb cream is not available in more shades.

Consistency: The consistency is little thick, but no problem blending, patting the bb cream in will do the trick.

Coverage: Despite its thick consistency, the coverage of this BB cream is actually quite sheer, concealers is definitely required if you have dark eye circles. This BB cream would  be good if you want a natural nude look, but don't expect flawless finish.

Scent: it has a light floral scent, not too overpowering. Despite the SPF 34, surprisingly there's no sun block-ish smell to it.

Where to get it: If you are uncomfortable with online shopping, the last i saw BHG does sell L'egere Super Light UV Whitening BB Cream, but pretty pricy *wince.... well, i forgot which spree did i bought mine, but if you want a cheaper alternative, buybbcream does sell L'egere Super Light UV Whitening BB Cream.

Hope this post helped you guys out ^^

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