Monday, May 28, 2012

Suki-Ya @ Marina Square

Met with my mum for lunch at Marina Square, was contemplating which restaurant to go, and we went to Suki-Ya!!! It's a japanese Shabu-Shabu restuarant, and they serve all-you-can-eat-sukiyaki and shabu-shabu!!! For those who are not interested in shabu-shabu, they do serve ala carte or set meals if i'm not wrong. Sukiyaki is like japanese hotpot, whereas shabu-shabu is the 'swish swish' technique used when cooking your thinly sliced meat in boiling soup broth.

They have instructions and advice on having sukiyaki on every table

You get to choose two soup stock from the three available ones (sukiyaki, kimuchi and....chicken broth?)

We choose sukiyaki (on the left...taste like soy sauce and miso mix) and kimuchi (on the the right...a slightly spicy miso-based soup). Apparently, they charges for drink, SGD1.50 for free-flow water i think -.-.....well since i have soup, nobody is complaining about the lack of beverages. 

The bar where all the other sukiyaki ingredients are up for grabs

They serves some unique hotpot food, pity i didnt take pictures of them..*sobs.....i'm sorry...They also serve lettuce, leek, firm tofu(not the silken ones), pumpkin slices, assorted mushrooms, meatballs(not the kind you see in supermarket, they are really yummy) and CHEESE TOFU!!! I nearly went ballistic when i saw cheese tofu on the bar, really love them.   

Main highlights of sukiyaki is the sauce you dip the meat into and of course, the MEAT!! (beef, pork & chicken)

 I choose Miso Tare (cause it's recommended to go with kimuchi) 
with chopped radish, garlic, spring onion and a sprinkle of chilli

*gobbles down the beef


The price for adult lunch buffet is SGD15.90++, i guess it's pretty reasonable since you have free-flow meat, soup and veg. Really recommend Suki-Ya for huge group of friends or family gatherings, great place for a good chat and yummy food ^^.

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