Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Set #4 Mint Frappe

Was doing my makeup before leaving the house when i suddenly saw my index finger....the horror.....my nail polish was gone....never found it though lol! 

Went to remove my nail polish, bracing myself for a round of intensive session, cause nail polish with glitters are usually difficult to remove...and i found out that....it can be peeled off!! It does not comes off easily but you can actually remove most of them manually without the help of a nail polish remover. After peeling what i can, i removed the leftovers with the nail remover and it was a breeze~!

Since my nails were clean again, decided to try out the Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nail Set in #4 Mint Frappe. Here's a shot of the nail polishes. It's a green/blue version of #6 Angel's Kiss.

The second color (with the shimmers) in Mint Frappe is even more sheer than that in Angel's Kiss. In my Angel's Kiss review, i mentioned that i used 3 coats of the second color, but in Mint Frappe i used 4 coats instead. 

 With 3 coats of the second color                                    With 4 coats of the second color

The third color (with the glitters) in Mint Frappe appears to contrast against the first two colors more, compared to Angel's Kiss. Same problem faced in Angel's Kiss with the spreading of the glitters is also present in Mint Frappe. So with the strong contrast of the green glitters, i would recommend 1 coat of the third color, 2 coats would be a little over powering.

Under room light                                                                      Without room light

 The picture taken under room light is not true to what Mint Frappe is, the second color seemed washed out, and the gradation effect looked weak. So i took another one without the room light, away from the sun, surprisingly it turned out fine, just a little dim. But the glitters are quite to true to its color (picture closest to its true colors would be the one with all three side be side), and it only required 1 coat of the third color to achieved this look. Mint Frappe is really a gorgeous shades of green/blue/turquoise, kinda reminds me of china blue porcelain/jade and mermaids, really suitable for a beach outing.

The only thing i regret is that i could not capture the second color (with the shimmer) accurately, intend to get a camera this June during IT Fair, so bear with me until then.

Hope this post helps and thanks for reading!!

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