Sunday, May 27, 2012

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder Review

Innisfree is a korean brand of skincare and cosmetic, they are really famous for their Jeju Volcanic Pore skincare line, Green Tea skincare line and No-sebum cosmetic line.

The selling-points of Innisfree's products:

  1. Natural.
  2. Environmentally friendly.
  3. '6-Free system' which is Paraben, Talc, Coloring, Animal Ingredient(?! they mean animal testing ? maybe they meant 'all botanical ingredients'?), Mineral and Fragrances.

Just like it's name, this loose powder is highly raved for it's oil controlling properties. It claims to have Dual Sebum Control System and coverage/smoothens pores and fine lines. It's oil control properties is relatively good, lasting almost 5 hours before my face started to shine. As for the coverage/smoothening of pore, i can't say my pore are really covered, but my face does feel really smooth after application ^^. There's a light herbalish scent? Can't really figure how to describe it, but it fades after application.  

sorry about the pictures, getting a new camera this june so bear with me^^

The Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder comes in white unlike your conventional loose powder which is skin colored. Quite surprised at the color when i first got it, was wondering whether it'll give a white cast, but lo behold it does not (unless you decided to put tons of it onto your face -.-). Application is as per normal, lightly pat the loose powder onto your face after BB cream or foundation. They don't sell replacement puff (same as the 3W Clinic Natural Make-Up Powder) so same advice, pat and not drag the puff when applying to prevent caking of the puff.

Got this loose powder from Qoo10 during a time sale at SGD5.90, the usual price is aroung SGD8-8.80, so quite a buy actually. The Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder is a really great loose powder, but SGD8-8.8 for 5g is little too pricy. I can get 3W Clinic Natural Make-up Powder (30g) at the same price. Unless you can't live without this little pot of powder, 3W Clinic Natural Make-Up Powder would be a better substitute.

Hoped this post helped, thanks for reading!!

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