Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beauty Credit Honey & Black Sugar Mask Review

                     Front view                                                                                         Back view

For those who don't know about Beauty Credit, also known now as Somang, they are a Korean brand. They have like 5 retail outlets in Singapore, you can check it out at their website under the 'Stores' tab. Beauty Credit Honey & Black Sugar Mask is both a mask and a scrub, it claim to rejuvenate tired skin as well as exfoliation and glowy skin after one use.

The directions on the back are all in Korean, but i could made out "10-15분 " in the midst of all the words, and 분 = minute in Korean. Tadaa~.... so apply for 10-15 minutes before you wash the mask off, i guess some gentle scrubbing while washing off would help with the exfoliation.

lols looks like a heart shape

Bought this mask pack in a korean spree like 1-2 year ago, for like SGD18.30, guess the price should be slightly higher now. Other than the delicious scent the mask gives off and the slight warm sensation when applying (it fades off pretty quickly),i don't see the promised glowy skin.

Will i repurchase this? My face do feel softer after using the mask but i would rather spend the SGD18.30 on something else if i were looking for exfoliation. Perhaps the this mask would shed more magic onto individual with dry or combination skin?

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