Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Graduation and Celebrations!!

I graduated!!!... From Temasek Polytechnic!!... yesterday!! Time really flies, just 3 years ago i was still figuring out where is the block that i was supposed to go to....* i'm joining the workforce already (still unsure of whether to pursue a degree or what degree)...Oh well, just to share with u guys how my graduation went ^^.

Cover of the booklet given out, looks really sweet with the dandelion theme

The Stage where i received my certificate and posed with the nerve wrecking!

I reached school around 5pm to register, and gosh the weather is killing everyone -.-.....Imagine formal attire + heels with graduation robes and horridly humid weather....even my make-up was melting off my face, super unglam. 

The graduation ceremony started around 6pm, ended 7:30pm (really fast right!), took pictures with everyone until 9pm? Our stomach started growling, and it was late, so we hit Shuffle at Clarke Quay!!
So upset at myself for not snapping a pic of the entrance and place

Shuffle is a bar, essentially speaking, but they have a live band! and the food there is really good. well, there was a in-house promotion i think....Any 2 cocktails for SGD20!! How good can my graduation gets??
The people at Shuffle were really nice and friendly, dropped my fork while trying to take pictures, and they are like ninja, appearing behind me with a new one. And, my friend's phone kinda died halfway, the waiter were kind enough to let him charge his phone while we ate.

 We order 4 pizzas, but i'll post the ones that i recommend, that is....

 Satay Pizza (slightly spicy) 
Marinated chicken and beef chunks with savoury peanut sauce - SGD18
(Never knew that peanut sauce would go so well on a pizza!! The meat chunks are heavenly!!)

Smoked Duck  
Duck slices, cucumbers with a black pepper base - SGD18
(Combination of smoked duck and cucumber was really refreshing. That duck will melt in your mouth!!)

Well, i admit that SGD18 is a lil bit pricy for a 10" thin crust pizza, but if you share it's not that bad, you can try more flavors. It took 4 pizzas to feed 8 people, so i guess each pizza can feed two, so SGD9 for really savory pizza? Why not, student meal at Pizza Hut is around SGD7.9, i would not mind paying SGD1.1 more for more unique flavors.

AND...the highlights of the post....COCKTAILS!!!

Barcadi, White Rum, Fresh cranberry juice, Lychee fruit & Fresh strawberry
(My Fav!)

Two Heavens 
Vodka, Gin, Blue Curacao, Lychee fruits, Fresh strawberries & Gomme syrup
(so pretty!)

China Blue 
Lychee, Blue Curacao & Grapefruit juice

Had a great time, wanna go Shuffle again, their Smoked Duck Pizza is really yummy and i want to try other cocktails like Meterorite, Jaggermeister and From 7's With Love...  Wait for me!!!!

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