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Shiseido Naturgo Mask & White Mask Review

In my Daiso/Qoo10 buys post, I mentioned that I got some Shiseido Peel Mask and will be sharing on them today. This is a repurchase of the Naturgo Mask and this time I have also decided to try out their White Mask.

After applying a thin layer

How it looks like after 30 minutes

The White Mask contains LAG revitalizer which combats skin aging and dulling, and is absorbed rapidly into the skin, allowing it to retain moisture and nutrients (not quite sure about this statement though). It is also suitable for sensitive skin as well. The White Mask's description seemed really impressive, it claims to whiten, revitalize and firms the skin. It targets spots, reduces wrinkles and pore size as well!! Sounds great doesn't it? The texture of the White Mask is slightly more runny than the Naturgo Mask, thus making it more difficult for even application.

How it looks like after 30 minutes, forgot a just-after-application picture...sorry! 

The Naturgo Mask is made from deep sea mud that are rich in minerals, perfect materials for sebum regulation. Used to think that the Naturgo Mask and the same as the Black Mask, but later realised that they are separate mask type! The Black Mask is meant for impurities removal and skin whitening effects, formulated with five Chinese and Japanese herb extracts (including wormwood and gold thread), whereas the Naturgo Mask is known for being 2-in-1, being able to confer properties of both the Black and White Mask!! On top of that it also regulates sebum production and prevents breakouts. So I guess Naturgo would be the better choice because i cannot see any reason why people who buy the Black Mask when Naturgo is here? I cannot even see the reason why people would get the Black Mask when even the White Mask is here....seriously...the Black Mask seem really insignificant against the other two peel mask?

For more information on the mask properties, you can try here

Well I've tried both mask and my favourite would still be the Naturgo Mask, not because of the sebum control or that the White Mask suck at whitening, but because....the Naturgo Mask removed impurities much much much better!!! Here's the evidence....

Warning: gross pictures up ahead....( Just scroll down fast until you see 'STOP' if you can't take it )

Ok, no more gross pictures. Sorry about that, but you guys get the point ^^. I forgot to take pictures of the results of the White Mask, but the results is definitely less significant that the Naturgo Mask.

not exactly the best applicator

the huge smearing around the opening

The packaging is kind of a love-hate thing? It's packaged into sample-like style so it's really convenient if you travel or have a stay over. But it's really annoying during the application because the mask is sticky and you have to squeeze it out of a sachet. Imagine the mess I made when I first use it?! Not to mention that the Naturgo Mask is probably need some practice to get it right. Also, there are certain tricks to getting most of your blackheads/whiteheads out onto the peel mask ^^...Remember to apply the peel mask in thick layers, it has to be thick or else nothing gets removed.... Always exfoliate your face before applying the mask, i always think of it as prior dead skin removal to give a better grip on the blackheads...haha....not sure whether is it scientifically true but oh well....and there's always the steam-your-face option as well, but i never see the need for it...seems pretty redundant because your pores mostly likely closes up by the time you finish applying the peel mask all over your face...And i seem to get better results when remove my peel mask upwards from the chin, compared to downwards from the forehead.

I feel that it makes more sense to get the Shisedo peel masks which can be used on your entire face than to get peel masks meant only for the nose. Don't the rest of your face have dead skin and impurities? You have to do something about the rest of your face as well! Another thing to mention is the pain factor involved when removing the Naturgo Mask, it's....7......ok 7.5.... on the scale of be prepared....for those that can't take the pain, go for the White Mask it's 4 or 5 on the scale of 10....

Price-wise, these peel masks are pretty affordable at SGD 0.6 each on Qoo10, and even lower during sales or promotions. I would definitely repurchase the both masks, probably would be my staple mask in a long run. Probably use the White Mask after a day at the beach or before my period (when my skin gets easily irritated and prone to stimuli ) and the Naturgo Mask on the other days.  

Hope this post helps and sorry for grossing certain people out.
Thanks for reading!!

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