Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Daiso/Qoo10 buys~

pretty pink stuff~

peel masks and skincare samples

Decided to share some really great bargains i bought recently from Daiso and Qoo10. The total cost of both pictures is only SGD53.9!!

Went to the Daiso at Orchard and saw that they had these glittering push pins!! 16 pieces of gorgeous bling for only SGD2 per box!! Daiso also had these glittering push pins in yellow/gold and blue/light blue as well, so do drop by the Daiso branch at Orchard if like these push pins, because the one at Doby Ghuat and Harbour Front does have it yet!! Speaking of Daiso, i think there's one opening soon at TampinesOne, so keep your eyes peeled...^^

closer pic of the push pins

I got the gold rings for only SGD0.9 each during a Qoo10 sale, and it was free shipping!! Was so glad that i go them....more pictures of the rings coming up....

Owl head

close up view of the owl ring on my finger

simple gold 'pretzel' band...lols

really looks like pretzels doesn't it ^^

I got this soft baby pink phone cover also on a sale on Qoo10 for SGD2.90, and the bling ribbon ear dust cap for SGD3 at the Blogshop Festival which is so much cheaper than Qoo10!! Pity that i didnt get the name card of the blogshop stall i got it from.  

lols....caught the reflection of my pink room curtains

Gorgeous bling ribbon ear dust cap from the Blogshop Festival 

I wanted to 'bling' my phone cover with rhinestones initially, but later realised that the cost involved is not a small sum even if i do it myself (the decoden supplies, glue as well as the transparent plastic phone cover). So i added some cute stickers instead to my phone cover to make it uniquely mine, you guys should try it too if your're on a budget. 

Isn't it cute~?

I also bought the Shiseido Naturgo Peel Mask and the White Peel Mask at SGD0.7 each. Pretty reasonable actually, given that i saw a neighborhood beauty shop sold them at SGD1 each. Also bought samples sachets of White & Moisture Essence and Cream from the History of Whoo. Will be doing reviews on these products later. 

Sorry about the long post. That's all for today, hope you guys have a nice day~!! 

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