Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sulwhasoo Basic Line & First Care Serum


Used to have really bad acne-prone oily skin, and my previous skincare regime was mostly from Dermalogica. Gosh, even my masque and cleanser were from Dermalogica...-.-...They are available in Singapore, but severely overpriced (like everything else in Singapore *sigh), so i don't really recommend Dermalogica unless your're financially-really-stable or you have relatives in the States to help you buy what you need (yea...Dermalogica is a American-Brand, so it's cheaper over there). Subsequently my acne suddenly cleared after i turned 18, but i still have my oily skin to tackle. With my acne problems gone, i begin to replace my Dermalogica regime with Neaclear and Skinfood, because...*whispers ~Neaclear is dirt cheap in the States and it works equally fine...and skinfood is cheap on Qoo10!! ~
Until recently did i convert my skincare regime to the Sulwhasoo's Basic Line!! What made me change my regime was the sudden revelation that my skin might not be getting enough hydration leading to...premature sagging!! A common misconception is that oily skin do not need hydration because it does not feel dry...WRONG!!..why? 

" Sebum is the natural fatty, oily substance produced by the body's sebaceous glands and secreted through our hair follicles to keep our skin and hair soft and healthy. You don't want to strip away all of the sebum when taking care of your oily skin, and it's a tough balance to strike when products designed for oily skin are often harsh and can over-dry skin. It's a myth that people with oily skin don't need to moisturize -- dermatologists recommend you add a moisturizer to your daily skin care routine to help combat the harsh drying effects of these oil-busting products. " - taken from another website

Sulwhasoo or otherwise known as 雪花秀  , its a high-end Korean skincare brand under Amore Pacific Corporation . Other more widely known brands such as Etude House, Innisfree and Laniege are also under Amore Pacific Corporation. I was quite surprised as well as i first read about it too.

Back to Sulwhasoo, they carry premium oriental herbal skincare lines for different skin types and ages. I first knew of Sulwhasoo when i was browsing for samples in Qoo10, and saw Sulwhasoo samples up for sale and my interest was piqued. Searched extensively for product reviews on Sulwhasoo before deciding on their Basic Line.

Basic line

Did not buy the entire Basic Line, only bought the First Care Serum, Balancing Water and Balancing Emulsion. I didnt get the Revitalizing Serum, Rejuvenating Eye Cream and Firming Cream due to the fear of excessive sebum production (was afraid that cream in my skincare regime might oil my face up >< ), especially since i live in the tropics and here is fatally humid.

Let's start with the First Care Serum, an essential regime boosting serum which is applied before the toner step for all the different skincare lines that Sulwhasoo carries. It claims to optimizes skincare results by preparing the skin to receive treatment, as well as promoting balance and replenishing moisture and nutrients by improving skin circulation.  Ever since i started on Sulwhasoo, i have almost close to zero breakouts, even before my period!!  The total sales for the First Care Serum had reached 16.2 million, with 1.75 million in just 2011, which is 9.2 bottles sold per minute that year!! (Statistics taken from Hope-inablog) This serum is a keeper, definitely.  
First Care Serum  First Care Serum

The Balancing Water, a gel-like texture clear toner for deep hydration. Since it is gel-textured, oily skin individuals can use this without worrying about clogging pores or excessive sebum production. It absorbs quickly and light-weighted on the skin. If you have dry skin, i don't think this toner would be hydrating enough, would recommend that you try their hydro-aid line instead.    
Balancing Water

The Balancing Emulsion, a rich white lotion for moisture, smooth soft skin as well as clarity. Despite its rich texture, it absorbs fast and it does not makes my skin look greased. I can really feel like a thin film of water envelops my skin when i apply this emulsion, really great since hydration is the reason why i change my skincare regime.
Balancing Emulsion

After using the Basic Line for 2 months, my skin is really supple and no more breakouts, it does not whitens my skin but my skin tone looks really clear and healthy now, no more dull complexion!! I would really recommend the Basic Line to normal to oily skin individuals, especially individuals who spend most of their time in air-con environment. 

Sulwhasoo even have application guide (how to massage your toner into your face etc) for different products at their website in ENGLISH!! Other than that, they also have skincare tips for the different seasons, thats when you see how useful the First Care Serum is...
If you wish to know more about the Sulwhasoo product reviews or ingredient list, this blog is literally everything that you need and she's quite in-depth about the explanation too!   

Where to get them? Isn't it expensive?!......Fret not ^^, i bought mine in sample sizes from Qoo10 and they are waaaaay cheaper than the full-size product. I'll let the prices do the convincing....

Full-size (on Qoo10)
First Care Serum (60ml) : SGD 90-110+
Balancing Water (125ml) : SGD 60-80++
Balancing Emulsion (125ml) : SGD 60-80++

Samples (on Qoo10)
First Care Serum (
4ml x 15 = 60ml) Full-size volume!! : SGD 17 only!! 
Balancing Water & Emulsion (5ml x 10 sets = 50ml + 50ml) : SGD 10.50
Just SGD 26.25 for the full-size volume of both toner and emulsion!!!

Would definitely repurchase the First Care Serum, but as for the Balancing Water and Balancing Emulsion, i'm keen in trying out their Snowise Line which is meant for whitening ^^. Also, interested in their Gingseng Cream, Overnight Vitalizing Treatment, Skin Clarifying Masque, Herbclinic Restorative Ampoules, Gentle Cleasing Oil and Herbal Soap and.....the list goes on....lols

Hope this post helps, and thanks for reading!! 


  1. Very helpfullll!!! Thoroughly reviewed, brief and straight to the point. Keep blogging..

  2. Thanks for the review. I am hesitating whether to buy from Qoo10, how sure are you that the sample are authentic?

  3. I'm an older women with oily skin and occasional post menopause hormonal breakouts, also, I'm not Asian. However, I took a trip and via in-flight magazine I bought duty free O Hui and received a sample of the above products. I love them. Now, I only use Sulwhasoo and Boscia. I order online and am not ready to add Tea Tree foaming cleanser after Boscia Oil cleanser unless someone recommends a different product.

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