Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ichikami Hair Conditioner Review

Got to know about Ichikami awhile back when my sister had her prom and got some sample sachets for both their shampoo and conditioner. Kinda wanted to try out other shampoo, so didnt repurchase their shampoo after the first bottle. 

Well, today's lead product is the Ichikami Hair Conditioner!! This conditioner contains camellia extract, soapberry, walnut oil, yusuru essence (from rice bran), wild cherry extract and NO SILICONE! This line was meant for damaged hair repair and moisturize, i have thin oily hair but the pink and black packaging really sold me. Packaging deign aside, the Ichikami Hair Conditioner really really really smoothens out the kinks in your hair, leaving it uber smooth (it's really satisfying when washing the conditioner out) and despite having a thick consistency, a little dollop goes a long way (somehow this conditioner spreads really well). It leaves a light floral scent (sakura or cherry?), not overpowering and after using it just twice, my hair felt really soft and i experienced less hair fall. 

 Used to get my supply of Ichikami Hair conditoner from Watsons, until recently they stopped selling it for no reason (was so miffed!!). I guess i was in denial and searched at least 6 Watsons outlets before convinced that they no longer carry Ichikami....*sobs.... 

Until i saw......Venus Beauty!! 

I've always seen them around but don't really bother going in because their SA are sometimes really pushy. Was looking through Ichikami facebook page and spotted a post saying that Venus have Ichikami hair conditioner!! They are a life saver! My hair was getting so much tangles from using Burt's Bee- Very Volumizing Pomegranate & Soy Shampoo. Venus Beauty is selling the Ichikami Hair Conditioner (550g) at only SGD 14.90!!...I grabbed two bottles....

Venus Beauty has many outlets around singapore, for those intersted in getting Ichikami shampoo and hair treatment, Venus Beauty do sell them too. These are their outlets :

Hope this post helps, thanks for reading!!

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