Sunday, June 24, 2012

EOS Lip Balm (Smooth Sphere) - Honey Suckle & Summer Fruit

Was looking through my makeup stash, wondering which product to do a review on....decided on the EOS Lip Balm...since i have three of them....and there has to be a reason why ^^

Honey Suckle--> Sweet Mint--> Summer Fruit

EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth...lols....pretty cute for a brand name. They have been highly raved about in the States, not really sure whether the craze have reached Singapore yet. The EOS Lip Balm are 95% organic, 100% natural,  with antioxidant rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil to keep your lips smooth and moist. After reading these, you probably wonder ' meh, what's the biggie... don't all lip balm contains similar stuff? '  The reason why people buys the EOS Lip Balm because they are paraben, petroleum, gluten, phthalates AND cruelty free!! So many 'free's, isn't it liberating? Lols, just kidding ^^. 

Most people probably see all the organic products on the shelves and don't know what the big deal is the "XXX-Free" list is about. Here goes nothing....
  • Organic- Bans the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers & genetic engineering in the ingredients used.
    Look out for the USDA Organic Seal on products that claim to be organic to be sure.
  • Parabens- Probable carcinogen for breast cancer, for more information
  • Petroleum- Allergen, can trigger skin allergy reactions & probable carcinogen 
  • Gluten- Allergen, can trigger allergy reactions 
  • Phthalates- Causes reproductive & neurological damage in laboratory animal testing, for more information)
  • Cruelty- Animal Testing
Shocking right? Don't think i will ever look at counter products the same way ever....* back to the review, i've gotten flavors in Honey Suckle (green), Summer Fruit (red) and Sweet Mint (blue).

Summer Fruit
smells like mango and....peach?

Honey Suckle
smells like melon and....something flora  

The visual appeal of this balm is its second best selling-point, the colors are so adorable, any girls would like to fish this lip balm out of their bag. They vibrant colors like red, green, blue and even pink....*gasp....did I mention pink? ^^

The EOS Lip Balm also has an unique shape and application method, have not seen any other sphere-shaped lip balm on the market yet. The best thing about it being sphere-shaped is that you don't need to twist your lip balm in and out, and it gets really yucky when you get those bits of crust stuck between the spaces of that twist mechanism. other than that, its more hygienic than digging your finger into those lip balms in jar.  

Performance-wise, frankly speaking....don't expect the moon and the does keep my lips moisturized (but bear in mind that i live in the tropics, moisturizing-properties may differ in other climates) but re-application is definitely needed. I have read other users complaining about the EOS Lip Balm being too waxy or oily, you only need 1-2 strokes of this lip balm for it to be functional. Unlike other lip balm, the EOS Lip Balm does not shine or show that its on your lips and its really light (if you keep to just 1-2 strokes), so perfect for people who like to keep theirs lips moisturized without shouting out loud that they are wearing lip balm.  

Accidentally licked my lips, and lo behold....the EOS Lip Balm tastes....sweet!!..... great if you don't like those waxy tasting lip balm, and it is perfect safe for ingestion (petroleum-free and 100% natural). 

Ever wonder how the lip balm looks like when you finish using it? I'm half-way there!!

Personally, I prefer Honey Suckle over Summer Fruit because of the scent (but I've have a feeling that Sweet Mint might take the first place in the future). I have not started on the Sweet Mint yet, but it smells very promising, could smell the mint through the protective cover, didn't smell anything through the protective cover for Honey Suckle or Summer Fruit though. 

Bought my EOS Lip Balm during a time sale at Qoo10, but the usual price is SGD7.50. It really comes down between cute packaging and performance, would recommend the EOS Lip Balm if you favor cute packaging over performance, lest the disappointment.   

Will i repurchase? Nope, despite its cute packaging and smell, i would like to try out other lip balms with much higher hydration factor.

Hope this post helps, thanks for reading!!

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