Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy 24 BB cream Review

After i did a review on ElishaCoy Always Triple BB cream last year, decided to do a review on ElishaCoy Always Nuddy 24 BB cream this time round..as promised =)... When i first lay eyes on this BB cream. what caught my attention was the pastel pink and gold printing!! Such girly appeal~

Like all other ElishaCoy products, their ingredient list only includes organic and high quality herb extract.
The Always Nuddy 24 BB cream contains portulas oleracea, allantonin & chamomile to soothe troubled skin. Other than caring for troubled skin, it also provides pore care and sebum balancing... Trouble skin + pore care + sebum balancing? So i guess the main consumer group of  Always Nuddy BB 24 BB cream are teenagers..?

The Always Nuddy BB 24 BB cream is kind of like a tinted moisturizer? Unlike its much more multi-functional counterpart (Always Triple BB cream). As indicated by its name 'Nuddy', this BB cream is meant for the light make-up look. I needed at least 2 layers along with concealer for some coverage, if coverage is what your are looking for, then this BB cream is definitely not it. Despite its sheer coverage, even with 2 layers on....the Always Nuddy 24 BB cream is really light-weighted on the skin and it has a pretty smooth skin finish!! The staying power of this BB cream is not as strong compared to Always Triple BB cream, but i could go without touch-up for 3 or 4 hours max. From my past experience from Always Triple BB cream, i was expecting below average oil control but i was pleasantly surprised this time. Like the Always Triple BB cream, the Always Nuddy 24 BB cream does gives off a pinkish tinge. The texture is fluid and easily bendable.

The scent was a little unpleasant  like.....paint or something? Well, the smell does fade quickly, no biggie...just don't pay too much attention to it =) Other than the scent, do note that the Always Nuddy 24 BB cream do not have SPF!! You will need additional sunblock if you are going under or avoiding the sun.

The lack of SPF was kind of a downer but I do appreciate how light this BB cream is on my skin and the decent oil control, but i'll probably use it when i go to the nearby mall or too lazy/ late to do my make-up. I would recommend the Always Nuddy 24 BB cream to students or oily-skinned individuals. You can also try this BB cream if you are looking for something similar to tinted moisturizer......or something to apply on during your 'no make-up' days without looking too horrific...if you know what i mean...haha...

Price-wise, ElishaCoy's BB creams do not come cheap at retail stores like BHG or Isetean, Always Nuddy 24 BB cream probably retail around 30+ SGD? On a budget? Fret not!!  You can get full volume (50ml) of Always Nuddy 24 BB cream at Qoo10 at only 19SGD++!!

Thanks for reading and hope this post helps!!


  1. I havent tried anything from Elisha Coy and this would pretty much my 1st item to purchase in Elisha Coy! thanks for sharing ^_~

  2. Your welcome!! Hope you'll like this BB cream =)