Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year End Random Beauty Haul

Happy belated Merry Christmas and pre-Happy New year everyone (just in case i did not get to post on the day ^^).

Well, Christmas shopping seemed to have started early for me~!!! There's the Kanebo Seasonal Warehouse Sale, then the Sulwhasoo spree on Qoo10!! Oh, and i got some beauty tools at a great price from BHG as well =).

There was the Kanebo's seasonal sale recently and i could not believe how much they slashed their prices!! Items which retails at SGD22-28 were going at SGD6-9 per piece! Incredible and scary....some *ahem PRC ladies were there as well to get their grubs. Quite horrifying, i can accept that at such warehouse sales, there will be some inevitable nudges and pushing and countless of 'excuse me's....but shoving? -____- that was uncalled for...yea, some random PRC lady just shove me aside when i was having a look at the eyeliners. Worst still, her friend joined her and they begin to ask for the prices even though its stated on papers that are attached to the counters. *roll eyes....seriously?!....*tsk.... Alright, enough of me rambling about inappropriate behaviors at warehouse sales, lets lift the curtains~


I got all the above at only SGD82.20....yes SGD82.20....that was not a typo error =)...thinking back on discounted their items were, i'm kinda regretting not buying more now....=(...i could use some serum or day cream or eyeshadows or...*wails.....*'s over...=(....i'll waiting for the next one then...

Next, Sulwhasoo spree on Qoo10. I've been more of a Sulwhasoo supporter than History of Whoo, probably mainly due to my skin type and the place i'm living in. Oily skin and the tropics does not exactly goes well with luxuriously rich products...*wince....Well, there was a time-sale and i got all these for SGD56 (inclu. shipping!!). Will be doing reviews on these products soon~


Sulwhasoo Skin Clarify Mask

Ginseng Brightening Mask

Overnight Vitalizing Treatment

There was this one-day-close-door-sale-thing at BHG (Junction 8), and i happen to stumble upon it. There were many stuff on discount, but what caught my eye was.....

can you believe it?! 6 for SGD10!!! 

I'll post on my recent purchases, stay tuned for the upcoming reviews =)
And have a great year ahead!!

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