Sunday, January 6, 2013

Musee Platinum Tokyo Hair Removal: Update  Groupon     
Recently a lot of coupon deals for permanent hair removal have surfaced, by some professional salon or some not-so-professional 'neighborhood' salons. Not that i hate 'neighborhood' salons or say that they are bad, but bad experience tends to stick with you forever. Anyway....all those highly reduced deals kinda got me to reflect on my expenditure/investment in Musee Platinum Tokyo. Even after the double discount, each session/ large body part/2 small body parts is a whooping SGD 73.33!! I use 3 sessions per treatment ( 2 for full leg and 1 for the upper back), that is SGD220 every two months. I mean, razor blades/shaving gel or both do not cost more than SGD100 a month...heck...i spend close to nothing on hair removal before Musee Platinum Tokyo because i tweeze -_-.... Is spending SGD 220 every two months on permanent hair removal justified?

So, i have decided to drop my 30 sessions with Musee Platinum Tokyo, keeping only the unlimted underarm treatment. I will keep you guys updated on the progress for the underarm instead, sorry to burst your bubbles of you were waiting for a in-depth before-and-after review for different body parts on Musee Platinum Tokyo.

Update: Just went for my third session, the zapping gets less painful each time i go back. However, have not seen much difference in hair texture as indicated above after full regrowth after second session . Nonetheless, hair regrowth is slower. Hope i will see results soon =). Can't wait for the fourth session!!

Fun fact: 1-2 weeks after treatment, your treated area will have hair follicles shedding in patches!
I will try take pictures of my underarm, keep forgetting to take them -_-"....

Hope this post helps and thanks for reading!!

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