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Freshel White C Brightening Clear Lotion A & Whitening Lotion (Acne) AA Review


Freshel is like a more economical skincare line of Kanebo, compared to LunaSol which is their high-end range. Freshel have two skincare line, White C and Moist Lift, with hydration as the core selling factor. These two skincare lines actually allows you to 'customize' your skincare routine!! They have different Lotions of various degree of moisture impact, so that you can choose how much hydration your skin type needs. Pretty neat concept isn't it?             

Still in their boxes~

Classy white/ metallic silver and silver sheen galore

I got the Freshel White C Brightening Clear Lotion A and Freshel White C Whitening Lotion (Acne) AA from Kanebo's White C line. The White C line focuses on salvaging damage done by the environment (sun, etc) on the skin by supplying Vitamin C (active whitening ingredient) as well as exfoliating (citrus peel extract) and moisturizing (adhesive collagen) it.  I'm not really certain about the damage relief part, did not get much of the sales assistant's attention due to the crazy crowd, for more accurate information, check out their website.

I did not purchase the full range (toner>lotion>emulsion>essence>cream), only till the lotion step. Both the Brightening Clear Lotion A and Whitening Lotion (Acne) AA are fragrance-free and have no artificial coloring. They also contain adhesive collagen which serves as the moisturizing ingredient along with citrus & orange peel extract.

Brightening Clear Lotion A/ Freshel Facial Toner~

Beautiful silver sheen 

Not exactly the most convenient dispenser head

The Brightening Clear Lotion A contains gentle alpha hydroxy acid mixture (bilberry extract, sugarcane extract, orange extract, lemon extract & sugar maple extract), removing old keratin from your skin as well as inhibit melanin production which causes spots and dullness. The removal of old keratin allows easy penetration of other skincare products as well!! There are two ways to go about using this toner, it can be used with a cotton pad to remove old keratin and as a skin freshener during a face mist!!  You might want to pour some into a bottle with a mist spray nozzle though =)

Love its dodecagon (12-sided polygon) cap

Really watery consistency

I have gotten the Whitening Lotion (Acne) AA, which you can tell from the 'Acne', is meant for oily-acne-prone skin. The product description stated that it is gentle on skin, prevent adult pimples, minimizes acne scars and lighten skin tone, promoting a smooth and bright skin. You can use the Whitening Lotion (Acne) AA with either cotton pad or your palm. Not really sure how to describe it, but the Whitening Lotion (Acne) AA does leaves a 'greasy' after-feel? The kind of feeling that you get when you did not allow the product to get totally absorbed into your skin? But i did massaged for quite awhile though...still...the 'greasy' after-feel persisted.

Been using both the toner and lotion for almost two months now and...i am not very impressed. Did not observed any improvement on my acne scars nor any brighter/luminous skin tone. And i had this minor outbreak along my jawlines, not sure whether the 'adult pimple prevention' is in place or not? Might be due to all the CNY goodies that i have been snacking on recently =(. I do feel that the hydration factor is lacking with just the Brightening Clear Lotion A and Whitening Lotion (Acne) AA, so do consider getting the emulsion as well if you are interested in the White C line. Oily skin individuals might consider getting something for oil control when using this line, my skin oils out pretty quickly when using it. I'm seeing shine on my face already before lunch!! Another thing to note, the White C range contains different types of citrus fruit peel extracts, could be too much for people with sensitive skin, might want to clarify this with their counter staff =). Would probably recommend this for individuals with normal to dry skin.

Felt kind of bummed, was expecting some results from these two product. Maybe its just not for me...*sigh...

Hope this post helps and thanks for reading!!

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